VIDEO: How to use Hands On Hemp Reusable Produce Bags and Bulk Bags


Check out our fun animated video that walks you through the steps of how to use Hands On Hemp bags for produce and bulk!


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Watch this fun animated video to see how to use your Hands On Hemp reusable bags for produce, bulk and bakery.



Hands On Hemp Bags are reusable bags for 







BULK  and










Hands On Hemp bags are different than reusable grocery shopping bags because they replace the clear plastic bags for produce, bulk, and bakery items.

Hands On Hemp reusable bags are 100% functional and sustainable, made from hemp and organic cotton, with NO PLASTIC in them. 


It really is exciting to pull out your own bags for bread, bulk coffee beans, apricots, asparagus, trail mix, bulk cookies and lots of other delightful edibles!  






They are also the perfect bags to take sandwiches and snacks to school, work, on trips and double as a napkin!









Plastic really is a devastating contaminant, not only for the environment and animals, but also for us.  Because you care about the health of the food you put in your body, you will want to make sure to use a bag that is as pure and natural as your food.


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