Composting: Love Food Not Waste!


Today, we started using our own home composting bin.  We put leaves in the bottom, then food scraps and after we hand mowed, added the grass clippings.  In a few days we will give it a little water.

In Boulder Colorado, we're very lucky because our local trash company provides free curbside food waste compost pick up and free compost soil we can shovel and transport home in the Spring. This convenience kept us from making our own until now!






Our own compost will be much better quality though because it'll be made from organic food from our garden and specific yard waste only.

In recent years we’ve found bits of plastic mixed in our curbside and store bought compost. It’s new for me to see that – probably since the advent of “compostable” plastic and simply as a result of too much plastic in our environment.



You can't grow a good garden without adding compost to it – plants will be stunted, have yellow leaves and not have enough nutrients to produce. Composting is the natural way to cycle waste food into next year’s crop. It is the only natural way to deal with food waste.

  • 25.9% of all landfill waste is food or yard waste that could be diverted towards replenishing your soil for FREE, instead of it going into the landfill.  
  • Methane is a gas that is 300 times more potent than CO2 and is released when food waste decomposes in a landfill.

So, compost your unwanted food and yard waste as a way to nourish your garden and plants and to take part in the natural cycle of growth and decomposition.



Supporting plastic bag bans is one way ordinary people are taking a stand towards protecting the planet.



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  3. Plastics in Your Body

How to Compost Video:

Click on this link, scroll down and watch these short videos on how to compost and see how easy and fun it is!

 Food Scraps vs. Compost:

When I was a kid, I didn’t know exactly why we threw our carrot tops, watermelon rinds, and uneaten cereal slime from our morning bowls into a compost bin.

So when my mother asked me to go put compost out on the garden, I went and scattered the fresh compost everywhere – eggshells, lemon rinds, and moldy bread I remember best.

I knew somewhere deep down, intuitively, this could not be right, but baffled, I kept doing it because I just didn’t know that food scraps were not the compost she meant!

Anyhow, so you don't ever make the same mistake, this is what good compost is supposed to look like:


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