The Hands On, Do it yourself, Make Change Today kind of Bags!

You will LOVE making positive change with Hands On Hemp Reusable Produce Bags and Reusable Bulk Bags!

Our bags are made of sustainable hemp and organic cotton.  They are designed to function optimally and to easily replace the waste and pollution created by plastic bags currently used in most produce, bulk, and bakery sections of the grocery store. 


You can show your support to turtles, fish, birds, dolphins and a myriad of other ocean life by eliminating as much plastic from your life as possible today!






CONSCIENTIOUS CONSUMERS can change how companies do business!

All about HEMP

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We are a woman-owned business whose vision is two-fold: to make a difference through what we do and how we do it. It is not easy to better our selves or our world, but we know the two go hand in hand. Our bags have taken us to the very brink of an ultimate question: what is true personal and planetary sustainability and what changes do we need to make to get from here to there? We hope to inspire such a journey of questioning for others as we’re all in the same boat together. (Learn more)

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