Let's Get Drastic, No More Plastic! Use Hands On Hemp Reusable Bags!

Why we love Hands On Hemp Reusable Produce Bags and Bulk Bags!

Hands On Hemp Reusable Produce Bags:

Designed to be the most functional and sustainable alternative to plastic produce bags.  They can hold up to 40 pounds and so are great even for heavy potatoes, squash, and onions. They cover and protect veggies but  also allow air ventilation, to maximize freshness of produce in the fridge.  Inaddition to produce, our bags are the perfect solution to carry  home bread, large amounts of bulk foods, and sometimes to use as a grocery bag when you are just picking up a few items at the store.

Hands On Hemp Reusable Bulk and Bakery Bags: 

Simply perfect to carry home bulk, pastry and bakery items and to use for lunches and snacks on the go. They hold up to 6 cups of bulk grain, a couple sandwiches, or a few apples - depending on your preference.






We are a woman-owned business whose vision is two-fold: to make a difference through what we do and how we do it. It is not easy to better our selves or our world, but we know the two go hand in hand. Our bags have taken us to the very brink of an ultimate question: what is true personal and planetary sustainability and what changes do we need to make to get from here to there? We hope to inspire such a journey of questioning for others as we’re all in the same boat together. (Learn more)


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