What could be better? Fresh bread and pastries made with wholesome ingredients stored in a reusable cloth sack made from hemp! 




Use “produce” size Hands On Hemp reusable bags for loaves of bread and “bulk” size Hands On Hemp bags for individual servings of pastries, bagels, and muffins that you’re taking on the go. Then, at home use a breadbox to store all your bakery goods. 

It feels so good to eat natural foods and even indulgent pastries without all that extra packaging! Plus bread and bakery goods will last a lot longer, without going  moldy in Hands On Hemp bags.


How to Use your Hands on Hemp reusable bags for bread and bakery items: 

  • STEP ONE: Select your bread and place it into a Hands On Hemp reusable bag. When you select your bread or bakery item don't forget to write down the code or price of the item so you have it ready at the check-out stand. Our Hands On Hemp cloth bags will keep baked goods clean and protected until you eat them or get them home. 


One time a baker was so happy I brought my own bag she gave me a free ½ loaf of bread……………. in a plastic bag! I felt such mixed emotions! 

  • STEP TWO: At the check-out stand give the teller the codes or the sticker for the bread or bakery item. Usually these items are charged by item, not be weight, but if needed, the tier (weight of the bag) is conveniently provided on our bag labels.
  • STEP THREE: At home, put the bread or other bakery item (still in your Hands On Hemp reusable bag) into your breadbox for storage. We keep our bread in a hemp reusable bag even when it's in the breadbox because the cloth bag keeps the bread moist and fresh!
  • STEP FOUR: Feel great about making a choice that reduces plastic! Not using film plastic is also a great choice for your health and the health of your family, since it means no chance of plastic contamination of your foods.

Storing bread and pastries in a breadbox:

Breadboxes are the ideal way to store your bread or bakery items. It's a dark, dry, and cool place that will optimize taste and texture. It is also a great method in order to avoid using plastic and paper bags!

Since we're committed to giving up as much single-use plastic as we possibly can, it was important for us to find a really good way to store bread and other bakery items without plastic.

It was Hands On Hemp owner, Ariel's idea to look into using a good old fashion breadbox. But it wasn't as simple as we thought it would be to find the right kind of breadbox. This is because there are quite a few kinds of bread boxes out there and many of them seem to be more decorative than anything else – plus a lot of breadboxes aren't airtight, which means that the bread still needs to be stored in plastic in order to stay fresh.

After a lot of online research we figured out what would work to store bread and pastries without plastic – we found a bread box for ourselves that works perfectly! The bread and bakery items stay fresh and moist without getting moldy – all without any plastic!

Here's what we figured out about breadboxes:

  1. Clay breadboxes are the best option because they breathe without actually exposing your bread to pests. They also provide an entirely closed container, which is good in a dry climate.
  2. If you live in a humid climate, you may want to make sure your clay breadbox is not glazed on the inside so it breathes more easily.
  3. Sliced bread dries out much faster than whole loaves, so slice your bread only as needed.
  4. Healthy, organic, wholegrain loaves of bread store best in breadboxes and are once again gaining popularity over refined breads that contain many chemical preservatives.
  5. It is generally best not to refrigerate bread. However, if your house is very humid or you prefer your bread to last longer than five or six days, refrigeration can be okay.
  6. Bread dries out more quickly in the fridge and the crust will tend to soften.

Remember, your bread and other bakery items need to breathe and be protected from both dryness and humidity. Placing your bread in Hands On Hemp reusable  cloth bags in a breadbox provides the proper dark environment, humidity, air ventilation, and temperature for best bread storage.


  1. Why Switch to Reusable
  2. All About Hemp
  3. The Politics of Plastic


At Hands On Hemp we're all about finding as many ways as possible to give up the habit of single-use plastic and paper bags.

Any time we see ourselves, our friends or our customers assume that there is no option but using plastic, it is a great time to look around for another solution.

We do a lot of research, plus look at our own lives, and question our assumptions about how we do things.

If you walk into the bread aisle of a grocery store what do you see? Lots and lots of bread stored in lots and lots of plastic! Even if you go to the bakery section to buy freshly made bread or bakery items, it's usually given to you in plastic. What to do?


Many natural food markets and larger supermarkets have an in-house bakery section. We've found that the bakery section is always happy to let us use our Hands On Hemp reusable bags for our bread and bakery goods – we just need to ask!

The large supermarket near our home has fresh, unsliced bread for sale but it's always already bagged in plastic. But we discovered that if we show up early in the morning, before it has all been bagged, they will allow us to buy bread unpackaged in our hemp bags. All it took was a little research and not settling for the statuesque.



  • TIP: Hands On Hemp reusable bags are also great for sandwiches and other snacks. Use them for lunches at work, school and on trips.
  • TIP: Kids and snacks go together….so does a bit of mess! Hands On Hemp reusable bags are a great way to carry snacks plus they are a really good napkin for easy clean-up of messy faces and fingers!
  • TIP: Hemp reusable bags also work for carrying non-food items like kids toys, extra diapers, and just about anything else you can think of.

  • TIP: Hands On Hemp reusable bags wash up easily in the washer and dryer. No special instructions needed.
  • TIP: Keep plenty of your Hands On Hemp reusable bags on hand in your car, bike sac or large shopping bags. You don't want to get stuck without them and have to abandon your desired item or use a plastic bag!!! You’ll need them for all of your produce, bulk, and bakery shopping and storage needs.