Store Fruit with Hands On Hemp Bags or without any bag at all!

Fruit is actually very low-maintenance to store – at least for fresh consumption. Fruits seem to preserve itself naturally better then vegetables since they are not as affected by the factors of temperature, air circulation, and moisture.

Think about it – citrus, avocados, bananas, mangos, kiwis – they all have peels on them that protect them while keeping them fresh and juicy. I like to think of their peels as their own bags made by nature.



We store most of our fruits in the fridge because we like them cold and doing so helps most fruit last longer.

Simply place fresh fruit directly in fridge or in Hands On Hemp reusable bags and store the fruit anywhere in your refrigerator. (It’s a good idea to save the crisper drawers mostly for veggies.)

If you want to see your fruit, simply leave the hemp bag open at the top. With most fruit it is not necessary to keep moisture in the bag.



Store any and all ripe fruit that you buy, in the fridge for longer lasting storage.

  • Grapes and Cherries are best if washed, placed in Hands On Hemp bags and stored in the crisper drawers.
  • Any opened piece of fruit should be stored in glass tupperware or face down on a little plate in the fridge. Avoid using plastic bags and containers.
  • Ripe fruit that you’d like to preserve as long as possible is best stored in the fridge.
  • Store all fruit that you like to eat cold, in the fridge.
  • The exception is bananas – they go brown if stored in the fridge, but can be frozen if peeled first.


  • Berries are one of the most delicate fruits.
  • They are best eaten right off the plant, within a few days of buying/picking or frozen.
  • Do NOT wash berries before storing in fridge. Wash only the amount you plan to eat at each sitting and keep the others dry and they will last a lot longer.
  • If you plan to freeze berries, you can wash them all beforehand.


Store any fruit that is not yet ripe, in a bowl or directly on the counter. It is best to limit direct sunlight. Bananas need to be stored at room temperature or they get brown skins and a mealy texture.

Some fruits best stored at room temperature:

  • Bananas
  • Anything you like to look at on your counter
  • Anything you’ll be eating soon
  • Anything you’d like to ripen more

Transfer any fully ripened fruit you’d like to preserve for a few more days into the fridge (except bananas).


You can freeze any fruit you’d like. If it has a peel, you’ll want to peel it off, possibly cutting the fruit into pieces and then freezing them in an airtight container – ideally something non-plastic like glass tupperware or mason jars. Metal tupperware is also good.

  • Frozen bananas can be blended up to make a dairy free frozen dessert.
  • Buy fresh and local fruits at the farmers market to freeze for those cold winter months.
  • Use the ice cube holders to freeze slices of fruit in coconut water or juice. A great summer snack!





  • ONE
  • TWO


Use Hands on Hemp reusable bags to bring home your fruits from the store or farmers market.

  • Place your fruit into the bag

  • Fold the top of the bag over or use the drawstring to close bag. Folding the top of the bag over makes it easier to see what is inside at check out.
  • Pay for the Fruit, not the Bag.  The tare (weight of the bag) is listed on a tag either inside the bag or on the front label. Show this weight to the teller to deduct the bag weight from the fruit weight. 

  • Be proud to know that you have NOT participated in the mindless usage of single use plastic bags!!
  • Enjoy fresh and vital fruits with no residue from plastic!!


  • Hang your bags to dry after usage and as needed simply machine wash and dry with your other cloth towels.

  • Return some of your Hands On Hemp bags to your car or grocery shopping bags so you can fill them up again next time you go to the store.

You’ll need Hands On Hemp reusable bags for all of your produce, fruit and bulk items!