Use your Hands On Hemp reusable bulk bags for bulk foods such as beans, grains, nuts, granola, flours, and dried fruits!

Buying food items in bulk is a great environmental step towards reducing single-use packaging! Most natural grocery stores, and more and more traditional supermarkets, have a bulk foods section that is stocked with beans, grains, cereals, flours, dried fruits, nuts, and a lot more. Since these foods come in large bulk bins, instead of in small single-use packages, buying in bulk is a simple (and usually less expensive) way to choose not to use packaging.

Unfortunately, the next step is often to put that bulk food right back into packaging – into a single-use plastic or paper bag! Since most stores only offer plastic or paper single-use bags for taking home bulk food items, it's really up to the consumer to make a different choice.

That's where Hands on Hemp reusable bulk bags come into the picture! How about using a reusable bag instead of a single-use plastic or paper bag to bring home your bulk food? Hands On Hemp Bags will help you carry home all your bulk food items while at the same time helping you make a choice that supports the environment.



  • STEP ONE: Scoop or drop any bulk items into your Hands On Hemp reusable bags. Any dry bulk item works great in these hemp cloth bags. Even bulk products such as flour, bulk tea, and dry dog and cat food are great to carry home in these bags. (Add picture of scooping of each item listed)
  • STEP TWO: Pull the draw strings tight on your hemp reusable bag and wrap the strings around the top of the bag and into a simple knot. This method ensures that the bulk foods will not spill out of the bag.
  • STEP THREE: Copy the code for the bulk item onto your shopping list or supplied sticker or twist tie. We try to use only one sticker or twist tie for all of our bulk items, saving paper and other materials.
  • STEP FOUR: When checking out at the grocery store give the teller the full Hands On Hemp bags to weigh being sure to have the tier (bag weight) removed from the price. The tier weight is listed on the tag inside each bag.
  • STEP FIVE: At home, store bulk food items that will be enjoyed within two weeks right in the Hands On Hemp bags.
  • STEP SIX: At home, for bulk items that will be kept for over two weeks, make sure to transfer your bulk items into clean, airtight, glass jars. This way they will remain fresh longer and be safe from pests.
  • STEP SEVEN: Hang your Hands On Hemp reusable bulk bags to dry after each use. As needed, simply machine wash and dry with your other cloth towels whenever they need cleaning. These hemp bags get even softer, and nicer to use, the more you wash them!
  • STEP EIGHT: Return some of your Hands On Hemp bags to your car or larger shopping bags so you can fill them up again next time you go to the store.




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It's our goal at Hands On Hemp to replace single-use plastic bags of all shapes and sizes with our hemp reusable bags.

We created our smaller reusable hemp bags to be used for carrying home foods that are sold in bulk at your local grocery or health food stores.

Our bulk reusable bags are just the right size for bulk foods and can hold up to seven cups. They are also great for storing bulk foods for a few weeks. If you plan to keep your bulk food for longer than two or three weeks it's best to transfer the bulk items into glass jars.

  • TIP: Keep plenty of Hands On Hemp reusable bulk bags on hand in your car, bike basket, or large shopping bags. You don't want to get stuck without them and have to abandon your desired item or use a plastic bag!!!
  • TIP: We find we can use our bulk sized reusable bags as a perfect replacement for smaller plastic sandwich bags. You can use hands on hemp bulk bags for sandwiches and snacks at school, work, for travel, and hiking trips. Plus, they can also be used as a handy reusable napkin when you're done eating – just try that with a plastic bag!
  • Tip: Hands On Hemp reusable Bulk bags hold up to 7 cups! This is enough to fill up a ½ gallon sized glass jar!