Deep Sustainability is the path of living your soul purpose here on earth.  This is more than the desire for personal success and more than the desire for environmental stewardship.  It is a path that joins deep personal inner awareness/spiritual development in the context of love for humanity, animals, the planet.

Are you living your soul purpose?  Do you live the life you long for? One of happiness, love, creativity, purposeful work, vitality, passion, presence, relationships and community? And does your life create growth, harmony, peace, and balance on the planet?

Most of us are not fully living the life we long for and have even forgotten about that part of us that longs for our deepest truths to be expressed in the world.  It can be challenging to be present to our impact on the planet, to animals, and other humans if we are not fully in touch with ourselves and our sense of purpose here.

What would it take for you to live the life you want and not live according to ideas, conditioning, and “shoulds” passed down to you?  What would it take to claim your life as your own and risk everything to trust your soul’s calling?

This is not a call to get some good therapy because therapy typically does not address the larger community.  Deep Sustainability takes us into the kind of healing that is only possible when we go beyond our endless efforts for self-fulfillment and understand that it is only through ending our separation with all things that we can both heal the planet and ourselves.  Deep Sustainability is:

  • A call to look at every barrier you have to love – with yourself, others, animals, plants, the land, oceans, the air and all things.


  • A call to see how we don’t want to feel the pain and that this leaves us less able to feel and act for animals, the environment, and others.



  • A call to live our longing for connection with other people so we can share in our common existence and purpose on the planet.  A call to reach out to another human being – to listen and hear, to work out conflict and ultimately to move out of our comfort zone in order to relate and be positively engaged with others.

We can all start to live our full human potential by looking at what stops us from taking the actions we know are the most personally and environmentally supportive.  Looking at what stops us  – like our habits, conveniences, busyness, resistance, and fears, is the first step to moving beyond those things.

Our complete purpose on earth can only be fulfilled by aligning ourselves with something bigger than our individual selves.  Through making sure that our actions reflect our deepest values (no matter how inconvenient and against the mainstream) we can keep growing and evolving into our best selves.  Try to do some things from that longing to make the world a better place and see if in fact you also feel better.  Are you………


  • Happier when you ride your bike vs. drive
  • Healthier when you eat plant based food vs. factory farmed, cholesterol-laden meat, dairy, and eggs


  • More Connected when you reach out and share your true self with others vs. isolating.




What is sustainable for the planet is also the right thing to bring you into balance.  We can honor our needs fully without harming animals, the planet and others.  Join us in these life-affirming choices on the path of deep sustainability!