Is it possible to truly care about the planet and all of its creatures if we don’t really experience it in its glory?

As human beings we seem to be able to live way too much of our life inside of our own heads; living in ways that do not support our deep and inherent connection with all of nature.

In our western culture most of us spend literally hours a day sitting in front of a computer and then at night we sit in front of the television for a few more hours. Our kids are experts at playing on the computer, tweeting and texting each other but do they know how to play in nature?


What are we teaching our children?

Do we teach them by example of our own love and enjoyment of nature? Sharing with them the experience of searching the night sky for stars….and feeling in ourselves how small we really are compared to the Universe.

Do we find the time to explore with our children the forest, a city park, or even our own back yard for all the different creepy, crawly creatures sharing our spaces?





What are we supporting in ourselves?

Are we in touch with our own humanity? A humanity that does not make us feel seperate from the whole but instead humbles us before our connection with everything around us.

A connection that is almost impossible to feel when we're busy with the materialistic choices of our culture. A connection that is undeniable in those moments in the noisy silence of nature.


If we’re cut off from the nature around us and our connection to all of it are we very likely to really care about our impact on the planet?



It is important for us to not just work for the earth, but to deeply enjoy the outdoor experience in all its wonder and healing. Life is too short to get obsessed with what is wrong.

Get out there and experience how blessed we are to be a part of this glorious planet earth!

  • Take a walk out in nature somewhere and just take a few moments to feel the effect of nature on you.
  • When you feel relaxed notice what it feels like to literally “walk lightly on the earth”.
  • Let each step be soft, gentle and yielding to the earth.
  • Stop for a moment and see what you hear. Wait. Listen. At first it might seem there are no sounds of nature but if you slow down enough you'll be amazed what a chorus of sounds there is all around you.
  • Let each step be relaxed, easy and as loving to yourself as to the earth.



  1. ONE
  2. TWO
  3. THREE

When I was a kid I was lucky enough to spend a lot of time at a cabin in the mountains of Colorado. My sister, brothers and I spent most of the day playing in nature. 

These days were full of day dreams, exercise and laughter while we built entire small cities out of rocks and sticks, explored engineering concepts through our obsession with creating rivers and dams of water running down the dirt driveway to our cabin.

We didn’t have computers, TV, video or anything but an old record player, card games and books to entertain us so instead we climbed trees, had endless pinecone fights and explored together or alone for hours of each day.

This time had a huge impact on the choices I’ve made in my life and certainly defined my relationship to the natural world.

Many children will never have this chance that I had to live so closely in nature but there are still so many ways to help our children get outside.