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Big Reusable Family- 6 person set: $119.99

Previous  1 of 8  Next Big Reusable Family Set -1 bags in bag edit.jpg SET INCLUDES: 21 Reusable Produce Bags & 15 Reusable Bulk Bags Your big reusable family will create ripples of positive action and inspiration to many through your smart choices for the environment!!! Enjoy replacing plastic and paper single-use bags, not only at the […]

Green Team – 3 person set $69.99

Previous  1 of 4  Next Green Team 3 Person Set -7 A and friends edit.jpg SET INCLUDES: 12 Reusable Produce Bags & 9 Reusable Bulk Bags Share the love you have for the planet with your family. You might be amazed what a big impact and act of education it will be to switch to reusable hemp […]

Couple Up – 2 person set: $59.99

Previous  1 of 5  Next 3 Produce Packs and 3 Bulk Packs -8 bikes sm edit.jpg SET INCLUDES: 9 Reusable Produce Bags & 9 Reusable Bulk Bags If you’re ready to make double the positive impact on the planet, start a new trend together! You support each other to make all kinds of decisions and choices, so […]

Just For Me – 1 person set: $39.99

Previous  1 of 5  Next The Just For Me Set -10 kim shopping small edit.jpg SET INCLUDES: 6 Reusable Produce Bags & 6 Reusable Bulk Bags This set is for the planet loving, fruit and veggie enthusiast! If you want your fruit and veggies fresh, local, and organic, then you’ll surely want a reusable bag as pure […]

"Go Green" at your Local Farmer's Market with Reusable Produce Bags!

Slideshow Image:  kim shopping long.jpg Teaser:  no teaser Image Thumbnail:  kim shopping small.jpg Use Natural Hemp Fiber Bags for your Organic, Local and Fresh Farmer's Market Food! The organic and local foods movement is bringing us much closer to the Earth and helping to spread awareness of the need for locally grown food!  Farmers' Markets […]

Make the switch to Hemp Reusable Produce Bags and Bulk Bags!

Slideshow Image:  1 of each smer.jpg Teaser:  By choosing reusable instead of plastic you are investing in the future – for us, our children, animals and the planet! At Hands On Hemp we care about that future! So we took our passion and experience to create reusable hemp bags that offer a true environmental solution […]

Create Deep Sustainability With Us!

Slideshow Image:  founders ed.jpg Teaser:  Deep Sustainability is who you are, what you care about, and how you give of yourself to the world everyday. Deep sustainability is about waking up your life force so that you can fully feel and participate in the evolution needed to transform our humanity into one that supports all […]