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Bagels, pastries and treats go right into your hemp reusable bags!

Slideshow Image:  IMG_3531v2.jpg Teaser:  no teaser Image Thumbnail:  bagels – tn.jpg Fresh bread and pastries taste even better when carried home in your reusable cloth sack made from hemp! Use “bulk” size Hands On Hemp bags for individual servings of pastries, bagels, and muffins that you’re taking on the go and “produce” size Hands On […]

The Hands On, Do it yourself, Make Change Today kind of Bags!

Slideshow Image:  bikes long.jpg Teaser:  no teaser Image Thumbnail:  bikes sm.jpg You will LOVE making positive change with Hands On Hemp reusable produce bags and reusable bulk bags! Our bags are made of sustainable hemp and organic cotton.  They are designed to function optimally and to easily replace the waste and pollution created by plastic […]

Store Veggies in our Reusable Bags for up to 3 weeks!

Slideshow Image:  IMG_3503v1.jpg Teaser:  no teaser Image Thumbnail:  lettice sm.jpg Hands On Hemp Reusable Produce Bags work perfectly for storing vegetables because they provide the right combination of optimal storage characteristics! Optimal moisture retention –  Our hemp fabric acts like a semi-permeable barrier that keeps the water inside your veggies so they stay crisp and […]

Reusable Bulk Bag Set: $19.99

Previous  1 of 6  Next Reusable Bulk Bag 3-pack 2 bulk sm edit.jpg SET INCLUDES: 6 Reusable Bulk Bags Bulk Foods Rock! When you shop in the bulk aisle you save money and tons of packaging. Our bags are the perfect size for getting the amount of bulk you need, without extra bag fabric getting in the […]

Reusable Produce Bag Set: $22.99

Previous  1 of 6  Next Reusable Produce Bag 3-pack 1 Store eggplant and other veggies in produce bags – edit.jpg SET INCLUDES: 6 Reusable Produce Bags Just into produce? This is the choice for you. You might even eat more fruit and veggies because Hands On Hemp reusable produce bags keep produce fresh for up to 3 […]

Enough for Everyone – 5 person set: $99.99

Previous  1 of 8  Next Enough for Everyone 5 Person Set -4 gus and jasper ed.jpg SET INCLUDES: 18 Reusable Produce Bags & 12 Reusable Bulk Bags Everyone will want their own stash of bags to use for this and that and to take here and there. The positive impact you can make as a family working […]

4 of Hearts – 4 person set: $79.99

Previous  1 of 8  Next 4 of Hearts 4 Person set -6 tomatoes edit.jpg SET INCLUDES: 15 Reusable Produce Bags & 9 Reusable Bulk Bags Make your kid's day when you switch to hemp reusable bags! Why? Because they know darn well plastic is bad for them and the planet. They may not know that you'll replace […]

Go Green Trial Pack Set: $20.99

Previous  1 of 8  Next Produce and Bulk Packs -11 Produce and Bulk 3- edit 2.jpg SET INCLUDES: 3 Reusable Produce Bags & 3 Reusable Bulk Bags Are you new to reusable bags and not sure where to start? Hands On Hemp bags are for YOU! Replace 6,000 single-use bags with these 6 for produce, bulk, bakery, […]